East Bay Trail Dogs

Frequently Asked Questions

What time do you start and quit?

We generally start at 9 am and work until 2 or 3 pm.  You are welcome to leave anytime but it is usually good to start when we do because we might hike to the project site.


How difficult is the work?

Most trail maintenance consists of pruning and restoring the tread. This is like moderate to heavy gardening.  Other projects vary in difficulty. Generally there is a variety of tasks with different difficulties within each project. People work at their own pace. What ever you can contribute is very much appreciated and what ever you do, someone else does not have to do. Feel free to sit down when you are tired or leave when you have had enough.


What sorts of tasks would I be doing?

For normal trail maintenance: pruning shrubs or tree limbs growing into the trail; moving dirt to restore the trail surface using hand tools. For construction projects: transporting construction material such as lumber, rocks, cement from the truck to the site; assembling; nailing or fastening bolts.  For removing old barbed-wire fences: removing staples, dragging the wire to the winder, pulling out old fence posts, transporting the debris to the truck.


What sort of gear should I bring on a project?

We recommend work gloves and sturdy shoes or boots.  A hat is good for protection from the sun, and long pants and long-sleeved shirts for protection from poison oak.


What sort of tools should I bring?

None. We supply all necessary tools.


Are there any membership dues?



What if it rains on the project day?

We don’t like working in the rain and working in the mud is not good for the trail.  Therefore, heavy rain the day before or significant rain the day of a project will cancel it.  Drizzle or very light rain will not cancel. If there are last minute changes to this, and if you have registered in advance that you plan to attend the project, crew chief will call you before 7am on the day of the project to tell you the status.


Do you provide lunch?

On special occasions lunch will be provided.  Normally you should bring all the food and water you need.  Check the project description to see if lunch will be provided.